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only the avatar can bring peace and balance

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I know I did anything I could to not feel; sex, drugs, booze. Just take away the pain. Take away my mother and my asshole father and the press and all the boys I loved who wouldn’t love me back. Hell, I was gang raped and two days later I was back in class like nothing had ever happened. I mean, that must have hurt like hell, right? Most people never get over stuff like that and I was like, “Let’s go get Jamba Juice!”

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Awww, Aang makes Katara blush.

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Day 13: RC Field Trip


Day 13

RC Field Trip

by Kiko Bolinao


Ang nag-iisang field trip na naganap ay nung 3rd year kami. Naalala ko pa panay sabi ni Sir Rolly Bird na “THIS IS NOT MY FIELD TRIP. THIS THE FIELD TRIP OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES.” pero pinaparequire niya pa rin kami pumunta. Malas lang kasi…

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